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Typical events

We take on a wide range of events, including most May Balls and June Events, giving you a great way to get in and experience the atmosphere of some of the country’s most exclusive events.

St John Ambulance also provides cover for the Lent and May Bumps; if you train up as a cycle responder you’ll get a great view of the action!

Our members also get the opportunity to help with regionally and nationally organised duties. Recently, these have included the London Marathon, Wimbledon and Pride events.

May week

May Week is the biggest week of the year for Cambridge Universities Unit as we cover the vast majority of the balls that are put on. This means we are often covering 4 events in a night. We recruit doctors and other HCPs to come from far afield and help us with this coverage. This provides an excellent opportunity to work closely alongside experienced healthcare professionals.

Event Cover For Event Organisers

This page is for Cambridge Universities Unit, a unit of St John Ambulance based in Cambridge. If you are seeking first aid cover, please use the St John Ambulance national website.

First Aid cover for events

St John Ambulance is able to provide first aid cover for events, ranging from small fairs and fetes, through club nights and college balls, right up to large music festivals and sporting events with thousands of spectators. The Health and Safety Executive provides information to people who are planning events which will be open to members of the public, and provides advice on the approximate extent to which first aid cover will be required. Based on the information you provide St John with, they’ll be able to advise an appropriate level of first aid cover for your event.

How can I arrange First Aid cover for my event?

Just head to this form on the St John Ambulance website.

Do I need first aid cover?

At any event open to members of the public the event organiser has a duty of care to these persons. There is therefore a legal requirement to ensure an appropriate amount of medical cover for the event, depending on both the numbers of people attending, and the risk assessment for each individual event. For some small events no first aid cover is necessary. St John Ambulance is able to provide you with advice and recommendations on the type and extent of first aid cover your event is likely to require.

Can anyone with a First Aid certificate be an official first aider?

Unfortunately when arranging events open to members of the public it is a legal requirement that any first aider present has no other official role (including being present at the event as a guest), and in addition to training, carries the necessary equipment to provide first aid and insured for any care they provide. St John Ambulance is able to provide qualified, insured first aiders and ambulance crews, along with the necessary equipment and legal support.

Do you just provide First Aid?

No, depending on the needs of your event, we can supply qualified staff capable of acting above and beyond the scope of what might traditionally be considered “first aid”. This may include the provision of ambulances and qualified ambulance crews, as well as doctors, nurses and paramedics. However, it is important to note that events requiring medical cover on this scale may need considerable planning, so if you feel your event is likely to be high risk, then please contact us as far as possible in advance.